A Virtual Introduction

For my first blog post I thought I would introduce myself. I find it’s important to get to know a VA before choosing to work with them as you need to know who you will be welcoming into your business.

I am Holly, I am a thirty something living in Colchester, Essex. I am married and have two children, both boys. My family is very important to me and it is my family who provide most of my motivation to work hard and make my business a success.

I have always worked within Finance admin and have enjoyed working with some wonderful colleagues at various companies over the years, all of which have played a part in forming my skills, abilities, professionalism and working ethics. I have seen my roles change a lot since I started my working life and have always taken each new direction with optimisim and embraced the new skills to be learnt. This has certainly broadened my skillset and shown me that I am someone who can easily turn my hand to most things I am asked to do.

It is my strong family values which lead me to begin my VA business. With two young children I realised that although I enjoy my work I also want to be available to spend time with my children and to be there when they need me. Working from home for myself I can acheive the perfect work/life balance. I can schedule my workload around my children and enjoy time with them knowing that my work will also get done but in my own time. One of the parts of this which I particularly love is that it is exactly this idea which I can give to my clients, by taking on their admin I enable them to also spend valuable time with their families safe in the knowledge that the business is in good hands.

I really enjoy being a Virtual Assistant and take great pride in the knowledge that I am making life a bit easier for my clients. Administration and Finance Admin are my main skills and I know them inside out, Social Media is a much newer skill I have developed and I thoroughly enjoy it. I love exploring my creative side and am really pleased with the feedback I have received from clients on the posts I have created for them.

The future looks good for HB VA Services, I am excited to see it grow.

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