A lot of business owners find the levels of administration needed to keep up with everything can be quite overwhelming. You feel you need to be signed up to all the relevant newsletters and like to get updates from forums and networking groups, but your email inbox looks very daunting and is always full of unread emails because of this. As a consequence emails which you actually need to read and respond to can easily get lost in the sea of useful but not essential emails.

Creating and maintaining a database can be really time consuming and not much fun either. You may have ideas of a different direction to take your business in but just don’t have the time to look into it and research the various possibilities.  Content writing for your social media, blogs, and newsletters already takes a large chunk of your time, so you might find that having someone to pass it on to for proofreading and formatting is really helpful.

Outsourcing your administration will make your day much more productive and effective. It can be easily managed by sharing use of online tools such as Trello or Microsoft Teams

Let me ease your workload by taking on your administration tasks, you can then get on with the areas where your own expertise are.

I can help with:

  • Email Management
  • Email Detox
  • Newsletter Design
  • Research
  • Proofreading
  • Letter Writing
  • Database Management / Data Entry
  • Typing up Notes

Drop me an email or call to discuss which tasks you can outsource.